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And here is 'THE-WING-CAM"!!
Hee... I know, I know.. It doesn't look like much, but it is a very good quality Color Board Camera, (A 'Board' Camera is a camera with no housing, just looks like a naked PC board, like a small computer add-on card, with a tiny lens on it.) that I wrapped in foam and duct tape, (light and impact resistant) and I added micro-coax video cable with 2-conductor power wire, (20-25 feet) which I 'Zip-Tie' to one of my wing riser lines, and I simply tape the pillow pack to the wing. I had to experiment with the angle (wing attachment) to get the view I wanted. If you don't get it right, everything might look 'upside-down' when you watch the video. I usually have a small piece of 1-inch diameter plastic tubing glued to the 'pillow' around the lens to protect it when the wing comes down, but I lent it to a friend, and he sent it back, 'broken'... Oh well, easy fix.