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Powered Paragliding Pics Page: 11

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And talk about exposure! I've been flying in Morgan Hill for four years, hoping one day to make the newspaper. Jared has Mondays off, so while I'm at work, he gets a journalist driving by, and what happens? The jerk makes the front page of the Morgan Hill Times AND The Dispatch of Gilroy!! And does that ungrateful Bastard say anything about his 17year best bud and teacher of PoweredParamotor flight, Dave Flood? NOOOOOO!!! Does that show you what a Self-Centered, Egotistical Prick Jared is? (Or just how jealous I am??) HAHA! Just Kidding. I thought it was cool. We were walking by the Newstand one night, we looked over, and in unison, I said, "That's You!" and Jared said, "That's Me!" It was funny. I guess U had 2 B there...